Album III

Loudon Wainwright's third album marked a major change in production approach, which is to say that there was one; Wainwright's first two releases were solo acoustic affairs. But with famed producer Thomas Jefferson Kaye on board, Album III featured full-band backing from some of the best session players around (David Sanborn, Hugh McCracken, etc.), and consequently, a move toward folk rock. Perhaps not coincidentally, the album earned Wainwright his first and only Top 40 single, "Dead Skunk," a country-flavored tune about grievously aromatic roadkill that became a novelty hit. While humor has always been a key element in Wainwright's artistic arsenal, he usually takes a more ironic approach, as on "Red Guitar," where he mocks the rock-star guitar-smashing tradition, or "Muse Blues," a sarcasm-soaked take on the search for inspiration. But as the affecting, irony-free ballad "Needless to Say" makes clear, Wainwright's also entirely capable of playing it straight any time it suits his fancy.

Release Date:
January 1, 1972
Produced by:
Thomas Jefferson Kaye
Album III
Track Listing
  1. Dead Skunk - 3:05
  2. Red Guitar - 1:49
  3. East Indian Princess - 2:56
  4. Muse Blues - 2:53
  5. Hometeam Crowd - 1:49
  6. B Side - 2:26
  7. Needless To Say - 3:14
  8. Smokey Joe's Cafe - 2:31
  9. New Paint - 3:00
  10. Trilogy (Circa 1967) - 3:11
  11. Drinking Song - 2:55
  12. Say That You Love Me - 2:30