Career Moves (Live)

Career Moves is the second live album by Loudon Wainwright III, released on July 1, 1993 on Virgin Records. The album predominately features material culled from Wainwright's '80s output, alongside six new songs, and one track from his then-recent album, History (1992).

Release Date:
September 11, 1993
Career Moves (Live)
Track Listing
  1. Road Ode (Live)
  2. I'm Alright (Live)
  3. Five Years Old (Live)
  4. Your Mother And I (Live)
  5. Westchester County (Live)
  6. He Said, She Said (Live)
  7. Christmas Rap (Live)
  8. Suddenly It's Christmas (Live)
  9. Thanksgiving (Live)
  10. A Fine Celtic Name (Live
  11. T S M N W A (Live)
  12. Some Balding Guys (Live)
  13. The Swimming Song (Live)
  14. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (Live)
  15. Happy Birthday Elvis (Live)
  16. Fabulous Songs (Live)
  17. Unhappy Anniversary (Live)
  18. I'd Rather Be Lonely (Live)
  19. Just Say No (Live)
  20. April Fool's Day Morn (Live)
  21. The Man Who Couldn't Cry (Live)
  22. The Acid Song (Live)
  23. Tip That Waitress (Live)
  24. Career Moves (Live)