Older Than My Old Man Now

Despite having a privileged upbringing and earning the respect of his peers (and Judd Apatow, who's used Loudon's music in his films), Loudon Wainwright III can never shake his dark side. His humor has always been laced with a melancholia and emotional fragility that gives depth to even his most glib observations. At 65, he has outlived his father (a Life magazine journalist) and now sets about observing what his senior status has brought. He brings his family together to sing along, plus a variety of guests. "I Remember Sex" with comedian Barry Humphries (better known as Dame Edna Everage) is a worthy laugh, but the real joy here is in the somber reflections of "In C," the title track (which begins with Loudon reading the his father's words and his son, Rufus, adding vocals), and "The Days That We Die," which also starts with his father's eloquent words. Loudon comes from literary stock, and it's always shown in his work, which has become even more affecting as the years pass.

Release Date:
April 17, 2012
Produced by:
Dick Connette
Older Than My Old Man Now
Track Listing
  1. The Here & the Now - 3:43
  2. In C - 5:48
  3. Older Than My Old Man Now - 4:11
  4. Double Lifetime (featuring Ramblin’ Jack Elliott) - 2:18
  5. Date Line - 2:55
  6. All in a Family - 2:35
  7. My Meds - 3:24
  8. Interlude - 2:40
  9. Over the Hill - 2:36
  10. Ghost Blues - 4:04
  11. I Remember Sex (featuring Dame Edna Everage) - 5:15
  12. Somebody Else - 3:10
  13. The Days That We Die (featuring Rufus Wainwright) - 4:05
  14. 10 - 3:19
  15. Something's Out to Get Me - 4:06
  16. No Tomorrow - 3:01