Strange Weirdos

40-Year-Old Virgin director Judd Apatow asked Loudon Wainwright to write a few songs for the soundtrack to his follow-up film Knocked Up. Wainwright obliged with this collection, a collaboration with co-producer Joe Henry that’s pretty much Wainwright working as usual. Comic and sad, smart-assed and sincere, Wainwright can turn on a single line. He even tries shutting his mouth for the instrumentals. The pedal-steel led “Naomi,” in particular, purrs with affection. Wainwright attacks Peter Blegvad’s “Daughter” with the verve and cheek of one of his own and interpolates cabaret for “Final Frontier,” soft-show for Mose Allison’s ”Feel So Good” and ragtime for “So Much to Do.” But while Wainwright has no trouble skipping from genre to genre, he’s still at his most affecting when he sings it straight, as he does for the heart to heart intensity of “Lullaby.” And a mid-life crisis anthem such as the bluesy “Doin’ the Math” is pure vintage Wainwright as well.

Release Date:
May 22, 2007
Produced by:
Joe Henry & Loudon Wainwright III
Strange Weirdos
Track Listing
  1. Grey in L.A. - 3:15
  2. You Can't Fail Me Now (Joe Henry, Wainwright) - 3:45
  3. Daughter (Peter Blegvad) - 3:33
  4. Ypsilanti (Henry) - 1:52
  5. So Much to Do (Henry, Wainwright) - 3:26
  6. Valley Morning - 3:44
  7. X or Y - 2:54
  8. Final Frontier - 3:47
  9. Feel So Good (Mose Allison) - 2:03
  10. Lullaby - 3:12
  11. Naomi (Henry) - 4:04
  12. Doin' the Math - 5:32
  13. Strange Weirdos - 4:07
  14. Passion Play - 2:54