Loudon has contributed a wonderful version of "Place in Line" to the new CD Link of Chain, a tribute to legendary singer/songwriter and friend Chris Smither.

It’s an urban love story—about a man, the city, a woman, and a dog—in which “a man has to carry a plastic bag on his person at all times.”

NPR's Lynn Neary speaks with Loudon Wainwright III about his new album, Haven't Got the Blues Yet. It deals with death and heartbreak and guns — but always with a sense of humor.

Recorded in Chicago with Not My Job guest Loudon Wainwright III and panelists Adam Felber, Faith Salie and Mike Birbiglia.


Mike Ragogna of the Huffington Post chats with Loudon.

Loudon Wainwright III joins Simon and Brian of the Sodajerker Podcast for a chat about the writing of his album Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet) and songs from throughout his career.

Journalist Nina Myskow interviewed Loudon recently for 'Meet The Wainwrights," a documentary about the family for BBC Radio.

People who call the Supreme Court an "old boys' club" probably don't know about the forts, nudie mags, and no-girls-allowed rulings.

Pleased To Meet Me, a film by Archie Borders, features Loudon Wainwright III as an eccentric Theremin player, John Doe, Aimee Mann, and Joe Henry in a funny, unexpected look into the unrealized dreams & possibilities of artists.

"Although he was just 24 when this debut first appeared, Wainwright was already displaying the sage introspection of an older man that would become a fixture of his music for the next four decades."

On limited edition vinyl + digital, featuring "Old Paint", recorded at Brooklyn Rod & Gun on April 2, 2012.

Eleven years in the making, the Caffè Lena History Project is dedicated to documenting the history and impact of Caffè Lena, America's oldest continuously running folk music coffeehouse.